The Jews and the world

Why in the world the Jews has been treated like this, even, it's like century after century, it's like, no time to have rest for them.I am not the Jew, but what is the root to be treated like this? 

I don't get it at all.

They are not any other animal but humans. Just one of the human races. 

But still, it's like we are walking on the same circle, after some time, a race starts trial to get rid of them from the Earth. 

What's the point, what are they doing wrong? I could never see them bad.

If they have had a country of their own, sometime their government may behave bad, then it might be blamed, I understand. But who can blame themselves who are hurting nobody, who have no government of their own, who are treated like this?No, it's neither beautiful nor clear as a crystal.